These units provide an extra 1ft in height making them 9ft 6ins high (externally), the other standard dimensions for width (8ft) and length (20ft or 40ft) remain the same as standard ISO containers. High cube containers are available as 20ft and 40ft units as standard, but other sizes are available. They are generally available in new condition, however, we do occasionally hold used containers in our stocks. Whilst they are described as specialised equipment, we do keep a stock of high cube containers around the UK. High cube containers are perfect for storing over sized equipment that cannot fit into a standard container, or for conversion projects requiring extra height.

10ft High Cube 20ft High Cube 40ft High Cube
Length 10ft / 3.05m 20ft / 6.06m 40ft / 12.19m
Width 8ft / 2.44m 8ft / 2.44m 8ft / 2.44m
Height 9ft 6ins / 2.89m 9ft 6ins / 2.89m 9ft 6ins / 2.89m
Internal Length 9ft 2ins / 2.59m 19ft 3ins / 5.87m 39ft 4ins / 12m
Internal Width 7ft 7ins / 2.33m 7ft 7ins / 2.33m 7ft 7ins / 2.33m
Internal Height 8ft 9ins / 2.65m 8ft 9ins / 2.65m 8ft 9ins / 2.65m
End Door Aperture Width as required 7ft 6ins / 2.28m 7ft 6ins / 2.28m
End Door Aperture Height as required 8ft 5ins / 2.56m 8ft 5ins / 2.56m
Weight 1.5 tons / 1520kg 2.4 tons / 2400kg 4 tons / 4060kg
Floor Area 72sqft / 6.69m2 150sqft / 13.93m2 305sqft / 28.33m2
Cubic Capacity 630 cu ft / 17.84m2 1310 cu ft / 37.09m2 2660 cu ft / 75.32m2
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