These types of intermodal containers are also known as reefer containers, because they keep their internal space nice and cool by drawing on electricity from an external power source. This is where the containers get their name from as the electrical sockets used are called reefer points. Should a power source not be available, these containers can also use external diesel powered generators.

The integral refrigeration units found inside reefer containers are able to keep the entire interior space climate controlled at a constant temperature between -65C up to 40C, depending on the container. The most popular versions offer a range between -25C and +25C. They come in two sizes – you have the choice of a 20 foot container, or a 40 foot container. This makes them ideal for transporting either chilled produce, or frozen items.

Insulation helps the container keep its interior cool as efficiently as possible. However the refrigeration unit itself naturally generates heat, and this needs to be dispersed. The more expensive water cooled units will need to be purchased if your container is travelling below decks. If it is on deck, or in a well ventilated cargo area, or just being used in your yard for cold storage, then air cooling is sufficient.

All reefer containers are fully inspected and tested before use, and will come with a copy of both reports. You will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing the container is in good working order and won’t fail, resulting in a ruined cargo. Other accessories available for reefer containers include panic alarms, lights, ramps, and GPRS monitoring. The GPRS system means you can keep an eye on the container’s temperature as it is en route.

Easy to stack up pallets floor to ceiling, and from side to side, reefer containers have a t-rail floor for forklifts and pallet jacks. Capacity will vary depending on the size of container chosen, but a standard size should fit eight standard pallets when stacked next to each other.

Even if you aren’t shipping produce, a reefer container will come in handy. Many food distributors, catering companies, and restaurants use refrigerated containers as walk-in cold storage, keeping it static on one site. The great thing about using a container for this purpose is that it is highly portable. Reefer containers can be moved using a flatbed or tilt lorry or trailer. No preparation is needed, the container can be placed directly on the ground. A flat surface is best.

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